Assalamualaikum and Selamat Sejahtera..
What’s up guys??Actually, today I am going to share my introductory video. I am so sorry if this video is not quite good like yours. At this time, I was depressed. huhu
Then, my friends, Imran Yazid and Veni willing to help me making thins video. The video was taken at the computer lab at the Faculty of Education. They help me recorded this video. We enjoyed while recording the video. After we recorded the video, we edited it to make it more interesting. It take two hours to edited the video. I felt bored but Imran and Venni always give support to me. Basically, my video is more about my background, my opinion and expectation of this course. Imran and Venni also involved in this video. I was the best actress ever while making this video.hahaha! But I don:t think mine is better than yours. Who knows..hihi..And now….This video is proudly brought to you by myself, Norana Maarop! Enjoy It ! 😀

I hope you are enjoy and satisfy with my video. Although mine are not good as Matluthfi’s videos (the famous youtuber-he’s mine..hihi), but it was the best from me.
See you again!Bye! 😀

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Assalamu’alaikum and Selamat Sejahtera.. 🙂

Hi all!We meet again. How about my previous post ? Is it interest you ? No?Oh..if that case, I’m sorry, my bad. But no need to worry because this time I’m sure that you’ll love my post. Forget about that. The class started a bit late today. At that time my lovely big stomach ‘sang’ a song. It shows that I was starving. Starving like a tiger. Today, we were briefed on the work that will be presented by next week. We need to discuss about the theme of our video. That was our project. We’ll be the team production of our project. We will be the director, the actors/actress, producer, make-up artist, crew production, cameraman/camerawoman and so on. The project was quite similar with the film but we didn’t use the large amount of money. We just use a small amount of money and we’ll we use our own money. That will be a fantastic experience! This is because we can learn on how to make the video on our own. 😀

As we know, we had learned about the technology in the first semester. So, in this subject, I want to gain as much as knowledge from the lecturers. I want to apply all the knowledge during making this video. During the lecture, Dr. Rosseni Din showed us the sample of videos that we can make them as the guideline to make our own video. The videos use variety of techniques. From watching the videos, I learned on how to make the video getting awesome and amazing. The sounds technique in those videos was very exciting and interesting. I need to know how to match the sound in any part of our video later. In my mind, I imagine that I’ll use those kind of technique in the future, when I become a teacher. I’ll use the knowledge to make my lesson exciting and the students enjoy their learning. Besides, I want to improve the teaching-learning process. Insya-Allah, if I become a teacher, I want to make something difference in the class. I want to change the traditional instructional material to the IT-integrated teaching. Students nowadays are very advanced in information technology. They’re more expert than us. They’re growing up in different enviroment than us. Kids on age three also know how to use the gadget such as ipad, tablet, computer and handphone. And that I want to change the teaching-learning process. If we use the technology, the students will apply their knowledge and enjoying the learning in the class.

There has been a drastic raining of innovative technology in today’s generation. Anywhere you turn your   heads computers are present. The computer provides man with different  uses, gives us advantages and convenience. Computers have been already used in schools to provide facilitate student’s learning. And we can visually portrayed that young generations knew about it and how it is being used. With the use of computer, students cam make their academic works, that has an immediate source of information with the use of computer. And believe it or not, our present civilization is dependent on computers. it is really advantageous but when it talks about its opposite , the disadvantageous one, well, it’s up to the person if he will make himself be drawn with the disadvantages. In most of the angles it is advantageous if used wisely and purposely. Japan, China, Korea and other countries already made use of the computer as a teacher. Just imagine that one can study anywhere in the world without going to schools and be seated inside the classroom. A teacher can already facilitate his own learning through computer.

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First Week

Assalamu’alaikum and a very good afternoon to all.. 😀

Hi!My name is Norana Binti Maarop. You can call me Ana Owsemmm. By the way, today was the first week we learned the Educational Technology. Our lecturer , Dr. Rosseni was a kind and friendly. She explained about the subject in detail. In my opinion, this subject is very interesting. I was impressed to learn it. As a student, we have to be proficient in computer systems. These skills are very useful in the future.

This subject made me think that it is knowing of the different Instructional technology teaching.That is more knowing about the usage of computers and other technology-instructional teaching. It sounds to me interesting the fact that it is really the reality. That we are now walking the world of more advanced and fast technology changes.

I’ll apply the knowledge that I had learned during the first semester for the subject. We learnt how to use wordpress. We create blog using wordpress. It is quite difficult, to learnt but finally we manage to use the wordpress. For me, the subject is able to make future teachers like us expert on how to use computer system without seeking help from others. We’ll also how to make video, video editing, shooting, create the storyboard and others on becoming weeks. I take as much as knowledge give by my lecturer.

And that these will be achiveable by all of us, the students and the teacher. For us to become an effective and efficient teacher in the near future , one way is to engaged with this subject, the Educational Technology. May Allah bless us. Amin. That’s all from me. I hope you’ll enjoy reading my post. And don’t forget to read the next post. Wassalam.. 😉

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Week 4 – Reflection

Asalamu’alaikum and Selamat Sejahtera…

Today we learn how to use the camera properly. Our beloved lecturer, Dr. Rosseni unable to attend on this day.  Mr. Faisal was sharing his experiences and knowledge to us. He taught us how to use the camera with the right application. It is not easy to produce beautiful photos . The matter requires care so that the result is better. Now I know that the Mrs. Hazrati also provides guidance for the proper reflection. He told us to read blogs reflection on students last semester.Having reading their reflections , then we get an overview and guide line to make the reflection. Kak Anna also monitor and help us to solve the problems doing blogs. Mr. Helmi have explained on how to upload our videos to You Tube and blogs. He explain clearly. I got a lot of beneficial knowledge to use on our project. I read the other materials in the course blog and video production in facebook group.

I felt very excited because I and my members were interact in the facebook group. We discussing about our project. We use the social networking to site which is facebook to talk about the progress of the project. We also use the facebook to interact with our lecturer and seniors. We always ask their help to guide us. The moral or value that I learnt from the lecture today are I have to keep morality and speech when interacting with the other people especially my lecturer. The information provided is very useful to us. We will be apply the knowledge in order to complete the project.

At the end of the class, we get nasi lemak , curry puff and mineral water. Kak Anna provide the food to us. We’re touched. This is because all of us already starving and we need the food to gain our energy. Alhamdulillah..

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Hello world!

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